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Finally back from a long holiday! Did a few things on my break like visiting Melbourne for the cricket, and also going on a cruise where we explored Port Vila (Vanuatu) and the tropical island of Maré. Enjoyed every moment of it, but I am glad to be back in the studio and making music. New music coming very soon.

Goosebumps Remix

Just dropped a remix of Travis Scotts Goosebumps beat! Follow link below to listen!


Rockstar (Remix)

Head over to my Instagram now @Braydenjayl to check out the new remix I just posted!



I was lucky enough to see J. Cole live at the river stage last Saturday night! It was everything I could have imagined and more! J. Cole being one of the first hip hop artists that I grew up listening to, meaning he has had a huge influence on my music and shaped a lot of how I make music. Cole also following the crazy supporting acts of, Air Lennox, Earthgang and J.I.D who all killed it. It was an insane experience and it’ll be something I remember forever. COLE WORLD!

Right Now Beat

A new beat has been added to the collection! “Right Now” is a spooky dark hip hop beat, suitable for those with a darker style. Purchase the lease now for only $20!

Brayden Jay – “925”

“925” by Brayden Jay has just been released as of the 17th of November 2017. The album was a huge success and has had many amazing reviews from fans! Stretching from deeper hip/hop songs like “Drug Money”, to then branching off to a lighter side of hip/hop like “Everybody”. The album reached the Australian Hip/Hop charts and was sitting at #10th place on the album drop date! Thank you for all your support! If you don’t know about “925”, get to know!


A message from Brayden Jay

Hey everyone! Thank you for all the on going support you guys show throughout my music. Without you guys there is no way so many people would be hearing the messages and the music. I’m proud of where we all are today and I am excited to see were we end up in the future!

Brayden Jay.

The Beats

The beat store is always something Brayden wanted to make. Whilst in the process of producing beats for himself for singles/albums he knew that in the process of making so many beats, that he should be doing something else with them. Hence why the website consists of a functional beat store selling beats from all different types of genres for all different types of artists. The beat store is also a great way for Brayden to try new things and learn new things to even make his own music a higher quality.



Ionline are the creators of this new and upcoming website! Thanks to them Brayden Jay now has a fully functional website with new features and an eye catching look. We appreciate all the time and effort going into the making of this website and we would recommend you choosing them if you need any web design material.